Who we are

A new creation in his Mother Christ Lisbet, Neal Kodinsky (Nelson Enrique Tallaferro Kodinsky) is a proud, privileged, honored and infinitely grateful son of MelchizedekLisbet – God 2 in 1, Father and Mother – the name above all names and the most wonderful Parents and example of excellency to whom he honors, glorifies, worships and loves to give infinite thanks and who produce an immutable and eternal joy. Neal’s past history goes back to A kid with an internal powerful desire and a clear vision to act in film and TV. Neal Kodinsky – born Nelson Enrique Tallaferro Kodinsky, was physically born in Venezuela in the city of Puerto Cabello, to parents in the flesh from Germany and Venezuela, and Italian, Ukranian, Polish grand parents. He always had the strongest desire, from a very early age, that he would become an actor after finishing his Baseball career. He was a very curious kid, which inspired him to become very studious.

Neal Kodinsky studied in a military high school from which he graduated with top honors – first of his class, and was accepted to enroll in both the Air Force and the Navy. At the age of 16, Neal moved to Houston, Texas to pursue his Baseball career further. He went on to college at Houston Community College, the University of Houston and University of Texas where he studied Aerospace Engineering, out of respect and absolute admiration of his father, who was a successful combat pilot for the Venezuelan Air Force. Neal did extremely well in College in the Engineering area, and served as a Math and Physics Tutor to pay for his College career.

Most exciting Actor

After graduating, Neal continued to pursue his Baseball goals playing for the Texas Independent League, the Stan Musial league, and then moved to Florida to continue to move forward in the sport.

Neal began his acting career in April 2007 as a Spanish soap Opera actor. He worked in over 14 soap Operas within 2 years with networks such as Telemundo, Univision, Fonovideo/Televisa, and Caracol. That was an amazing beginning for him, and in 2009, Neal made the switch to go fully into film, and moved to New York. In New York, Neal had the chance to continue to build his resume, having opportunities in more than 23 films and 4 Theater productions within 18 months.

Just a few of the things that define N.K are:

Neal Kodinsky is a versatile actor consistently challenging himself to improve and provide the Best service as an artist in every production he has the privilege to work.


Some Characters Neal’s Played

  • Joseph
    Neal Kodinsky as Joseph in Bloody Mary:...
  • Rich Rodriguez
    Neal Kodinsky in Murder Book The Movie...
  • Viktor Petrov
    Neal Kodinsky as Viktor Petrov in Organizatsiya...
  • Angel
    Neal Kodinsky as Angel in The Award...

N.K is committed to Limitless Success!

Neal Kodinsky is completely committed to the success of every production placing all the focus and Powerful love into his part and being an absolute professional and team oriented actor. Neal goes above and beyond to wear the skin and live the life of the individual and make it extraordinary every moment, understanding that the end result is due to the invaluable team effort of every wonderful person involved in the production. Neal is always ready and has the unshakable will and Faith of his Mother Christ Lisbet to give his all to the character and all the team members of the production.

Neal Kodinsky is represented by a Wonderful Team that is as much in love with the art of film making as he is, and this NK team is always available to help and answer any questions regarding Neal Kodinsky