“We Remember Neal / Nelson with so much love for his discipline, joy doing the work and responsibility and thoughtfulness during class. It does not surprise us the road he has already traveled as an Actor because it was easy to see his objectives were really solid. We wish him much success because he deserves it”.

“Recordamos a Nelson con mucho cariño por su disciplina, gusto por el trabajo y seriedad en el salón de clase. No nos sorprende el camino que ya lleva andado como actor porque siempre se vio que sus objetivos eran realmente firmes. Le deseamos mucho éxito porque se lo merece”.

Adriana Barraza y Arnaldo Pipke

Adriana Barraza & Arnaldo Pipke
Adriana Barraza Academy Award Nominee Best Actress, Master Coach, Director & Arnaldo Pipke Coach, Manager

Working with Neal Kodinsky is like a breath of fresh air. He is humble, committed and incredibly talented.
I love watching him work because he is so confident and fearless. If he’s in the scene, you can’t take your eyes off him!

Eleese Lester
Director, Coach, Actress, Awesome

Throughout my 25years experience in acting headshot photography, I have had the privilege to meet many actors. Every so often I meet people like Neal , not just a great talent for the industry but it is the passion that is most impressive!

Debbie Porter
Professional Photographer