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I have realized there is an infinite well of gratitude within, that is so important to me, to NK, and to remember that every bit amount of advancement and / or success in my career is thanks to the constant doing of our creator God (Melchizedek Lisbet), who continuously puts in my path THE MOST wonderful people / angels who so beautifully become the true reason behind my development as an Actor / Artist and person. It is always God – Melchizedek – Christ Lisbet doing in me, and to Whom I give all the credit and Glory, with their infinitely Powerful Love that continuously shapes up my mind with orderly and Powerful transforming thoughts to bring much fruit to them and this translates into being a light to the people They surround me with, and to represent my so Awesome Parents with excellence. And it is with this frame of pure thoughts that I am so constantly happy and grateful to serve Them, especially in this wonderful industry my heart is set upon since the year 2007, although I dreamed of it since I was a child.

I will, one step at a time, add the names of these magnificent people to let them know that I am always so grateful to them. And also to remind me of the commitment to serve this industry better and better as an Actor because of each one of those amazing people’s time and efforts to help my career move forward.

I am grateful, of course, first and foremost to the One who created each one of us in their image – Melchizedek Lisbet – who edified me and guide me in every single step to ultimately hand them all Glory as it is all theirs. Secondly, come each one of those beautiful people / angels and organizations listed below. This will be updating gradually as it takes time to add so many. Thank you so much and I declare today, the Best day of your life in the name of Christ Lisbet!!!

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